How we can help you

We assure you assistance and coordination throughout the PDR process. We have thorough industrial experience in all areas of panel beating, insurance and private work. From easing you through the insurance process up till the paintless dent removal of your car, we make sure that you face no inconvenience at all.

Whether it is a hailstorm disaster, trolley ding or small crease, our highly professional and experienced staff will ensure that your car problem is readily and effectively fixed and is back on the road in no time.


Through our services, PDR for your car will turn out not only durable and properly fixed but also quite cost-effective. Our PDR services are highly sought-after and given the vast experience and hold on the skill, our services have become unmatchable when it comes to paintless dent repair Sydney services.

Integrity and uprightness is our company value and our dedicated team builds upon this value thus making sure that the customer is reasonably charged for availing the paintless dent removal services.

We also ensure timely services for our customers; however note that the amount of time that will be taken for your car’s PDR repairing depends upon the extent to which it is damaged.

Quality is our USP

Given the fact that there are numerous other dent repairing services, what makes us unique is our service is based on quality of work. With great experience and expertise in this field, we will serve to fix up all the dents that your car has incurred in the most effective manner thereby providing your car with its original look.


Our main focus is on getting the job done in the most effective and durable manner such that you face no sort of inconvenience after the PDR of your car. Our highly professional and trained team has been working on different cars’ repairing and has developed mastery over the technique, something that is utterly essential when it comes to PDR.

Our customer service

Besides just offering high quality services and repairing in PDR, our dedicated team also serves to provide utmost convenience to the customer through a highly satisfying customer experience. We make sure that our customers are made fully aware about the extent to which the damage has occurred and are upfront about the repairing of the dents.

Our highly satisfied customers are a great evidence of our customer-oriented services, and we ensure that our customer remains the top priority. Thus, we are transparent in our dealings with the customers and help them in getting their car back on the road, running effectively.

We have been offering PDR services since 2005 and our vast experience and quality work is what distinguishes us from the rest. Our goodwill and reputation is built upon integrity and effective customer service.

Whether it is large dent damage, crease dent damage or hail dent damage, you don’t need to fret about it. Mr Pressa-Dent will ensure that your paintless dent removal is done as soon and as effectively as possible and that your car is back on road in no time.

Contact us now!

If you wish to get a large dent damage, crease dent damage or hail dent damage fixed, you can rely on us. You can contact us and get an appointment fixed to talk about the position of your car, the repairing that it requires and settle for an agreement.

We ensure you the best services offering durability and an effective long-term solution in paintless dent repair Sydney services. Our services are highly customer-oriented and if you wish your car to be in safe hands and receive the proper professional repairing that it requires, contact us now and get your problem fixed in the best manner!

What is PDR?

P.D.R. stands for Paintless Dent Repair

As the name suggests, Paintless Dent Repair is a specialist auto body repair technique for removing dents without needing to paint. Using special PDR tools, our expert technicians can gently push and pull dents back into their original position, without cracking the paintwork.


Things You Should Know About PDR

Experience Matters. Paintless Dent Repair is not an easy skill. Our technicians have perfected the art of PDR over many years, involving thousands of vehicles. Mr Pressa-Dent will surprise you! We can fix many “difficult” dents, where another less skilled PDR technician would find difficult.

Specialist Hand Tools. Our tools are specially designed to gently manipulate dents back into place. The tools can be used on a stand-alone basis, meaning we don’t require machinery, chemicals or paint during the dent removal process.

We work from the inside out. Rather than a typical panel shop procedure of bogging/filling the dent and painting over it, we work from inside the car’s panel. Our tools reach within the dented panel to push from the inside out, allowing a gentle and risk-free dent repair.

Paintless is Safe!


  • 100% Environmentally Friendly – no chemicals, paint, bog (body filler).
  • No risk of paint overspray – allows us to “Come to you” without bothering nearby vehicles and buildings.
  • No compromising/interfering with your car’s factory paintwork
  • No need for sanding/grinding to prep for painting
  • No need to match paint colour – eliminates risk of mis-matched repairs

Types of Dents we can repair using PDR:

Hail Dent Damage


Hail storms and cars definitely don’t mix. If your car is outdoors during a destructive hail storm, the damage can be destructive and heart breaking. The good news is, we are here to help!

Depending on the level of hail damage, we will most likely be able to help. Please call us to discuss repairs to your hail damaged car. We’ll need to know the exact number of hail dents and their location on your vehicle. For better assessment, please send us photos of the hail damage on your car.

Crease Dent Damage

Creased dents are identified by a fold line at the base of the dent. The sharper the fold, the more difficult to repair.crease-dent-damage

Creases in a car body are dents that included a straight fold line in the center of the dent – similar to a piece of paper that has been folded and then opened out again. Creases typically occur when another straight object has hit your vehicle – for example another car door or a bike handle. The most successful crease repair is possible when creases are shallow and soft. The deeper and sharper the crease, the more difficult it is to remove.

Large Dent Damage

In the unfortunate event that your car suffers a large dent which is quite deep, it is more than likely our PDR repair can restore the damage to its former glory. With a little careful massaging and the correct tools, our technicians will be able to assess and advise if your dent can be brought out without expensive replacement or time off the road. Call us today for a quote.